Fair Prey by William Campbell Gault

Fair Prey | 9781453273418, 9781453273418 | VitalSource
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Gault’s most well-known forays into the mystery arena include his Joe Puma and Brock Callahan series. Fair Prey, originally published under the byline Will Duke, is a standalone mystery that is set in the fancy Pacific Palisades country clubs and features a young caddy from a middle class family and his encounters with the upper class echelon including the family of Judy Faulkner, the girl next door type whose father was a Multi millionaire and another family whose son Bud had dated Judy and was as brash and arrogant as they come. The story involves murder, infidelity, country club gossip and most of all golf. Indeed, there’s in depth play by play golf action here.

Denny Burke knows two things, that he wants to become a professional golfer and that he’s in love with Rich Judy Faulkner. What really makes this golf-murder story is the narrator’s voice that makes it all ring true and Gault found that voice in Denny Burke.

This story is quite a bit different from anything else by Gault that I’ve read, but it works really well.

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