Blogs and Websites on Pulp, Mystery & Espionage Books

The following list contains links to relevant blogs on pulp, mystery, and sleaze. They are listed in no particular order, rhyme, or reason. Just a handy reference page.

Of course, no list of pulp and mystery sites would be complete without a link to Thrilling Detective, a one-stop shop for more information than you can imagine.

Mystery File is another great resource.

Another great website for reference is Stop, You’re Killing Me

And, then there’s: Spy Guys and Girls

Glorious Trash

Mostly Old Books

Rough Edges (James Reasoner)

Paperback Warrior

Pulp Serenade


Orrie Hitt Blog

Pretty Sinister Books

Pulp International

Killer Covers

The Rap Sheet

Vintage Pop Fictions has covers and information about nick carter and carter brown books as well as troy conway and others