Len Zinberg, writing as Ed Lacy, published 28 crime thrillers from 1951 to 1969. For a full biography of Lacy, check out Ed Lynskey’s biographical sketch of Ed Lacy at mystery file. Lacy produced one other novel in 1940, a boxing novel, and several of his crime novels, particularly “The Big Fix,” had boxers or ex-pugs as characters.

Ed Lacy’s Books:

Walk Hard, Talk Loud (1940)

The Woman Aroused (1951)

Sin in Their Blood (1952)

Strip for Violence (1953)

Enter Without Desire (1954)

Go for the Body (1954)

The Best That Ever Did It (1955)

The Men from the Boys (1956)

Lead with Your Left (1957)

Room to Swing (1957)

The Short Night (1957)

Breathe No More, My Lady (1958)

Shakedown for Murder (1958)

Be Careful How You Live (“Dead End”) (1959)

Blonde Bait (1959)

The Big Fix (1960)

A Deadly Affair (1960)

Bugged for Murder (1961)

The Freeloaders (1961)

South Pacific Affair (1961)

The Sex Castle (“Shoot it Again”) (1963)

Two Hot to Handle  (1963)

Moment of Untruth (1964)

Harlem Underground (1965)

Pity the Honest (1965)

The Hotel Dwellers (1966)

Double Trouble (1967)

In Black & Whitey (1967)

The Napalm Bugle (1968)

The Big Bust (1969)