-Whittington wrote more books than you can imagine and not all were published under his own byline.  He published under numerous pseudonyms including Hallam Whitney, Whit Harrison, and others.  Many of his books were crime fiction, but he also wrote westerns, romances, and just about everything but science fiction. Here’s a link to a biographical sketch on a site that talks about his westerns.


 Vengeance Valley (1946)

Her Sin (1946)

Slay Ride for a Lady (1950)

The Brass Monkey (1951)

Call Me Killer (1951)

Fires That Destroy (1951)

The Lady Was a Tramp (1951)

Satan’s Widow (1951)

Married to Murder (1951)

Murder is My Mistress (1951)

Forever Evil (1952)

Body and Passion (1952) (By Whit Harrison)

Girl on Parole (1952) (By Whit Harrison)

Sailor’s Weekend (1952) (By Whit Harrison)

Savage Love (1952) (by Whit Harrison & later reprinted as by Harry Whittington as “Native Girl” in 1959)

Swamp Kill (1952) (By Whit Harrison)

Backwoods Hussy (1952) (by Hallam Whitney)

Violent Night (1952)

Drawn to Evil (1952)

Mourn the Hangman (1952)

Prime Sucker (1952)

Army Girl (1953) (by Whit Harrison)

Rapture Alley (1953)

Cracker Girl (1953)

So Dead My Love! (1953)

Vengeful Sinner (1953) 

Shack Road (1953) (by Hallam Whitney)

Saddle the Storm (1954)

Wild Oats (1954)

The Woman is Mine (1954)

You’ll Die Next! (1954)

Backwoods Shack (1954) (by Hallam Whitney)

City Girl (1954) (by Hallam Whitney)

Shanty Road (1954) (by Hallam Whitney)

The Naked Jungle (1955)

One Got Away (1955)

Shadow at Noon (1955) (by Harry White)

Across That River (1956)

Desire in the Dust (1956)

Brute in Brass  (1956)

The Humming Box (1956)

Saturday Night Town (1956)

Sinner’s Club (1956)

A Woman on the Place (1956)

The Wild Seed (1956)  (by Hallam Whitney)

Man in the Shadow (1957)

T’as des Visions! (1957, France) (aka Like Mink for Murder)

One Deadly Dawn (1957)

Play for Keeps (1957)

Temptations of Valerie (1957)

Trouble Rides Tall (1958)

Web of Murder (1958)

Backwoods Tramp (“A Moment to Prey”) (1959)

Halfway to Hell (1959)

Lust for Love (1959)

Strictly for the Boys (1959)

Strange Bargain (1959)

Strangers on Friday (1959)

A Ticket to Hell (1959)

Connolly’s Woman (1960)

The Devil Wears Wings (1960)

Heat of Night (1960)

Hell Can Wait (1960)

A Night for Screaming (1960)

Nita’s Place (1960)

Rebel Woman (1960)

Vengeance is the Spur (1960)

Strip the Town Naked (1960) (by Whit Harrison)

Pagan Lover (1960) (by William Vaneer)

Any Woman He Wanted (1961) (by Whit Harrison)

A Woman Possessed (1961) (by Whit Harrison)

Desert Stake-Out (1961)

God’s Back Was Turned (1961)

Guerilla Girls (1961)

Journey Into Violence (1961)

The Searching Rider (1961)

 A Trap for Sam Dodge (1961)

The Young Nurses (1961)

A Haven for the Damned (1962)

Hot as Fire Cold as Ice (1962)

69 Babylon Park (1962)

Wild Sky (1962)

Small Town Nurse (1962) (by Harriet Kathryn Meyers)

Prodigal Nurse (1963) (by Harriet Kathryn Meyers)

Cora is a Nympho (1963)

Don’t Speak to Strange Girls (1963)

Drygulch Town (1963)

Prairie Raiders (1963)

Strange Young Wife (1963) (by Kel Holland)

The Tempted (1964) (by Kel Holland)

Cross the Red Creek (1964)

Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)

High Fury (1964)

Hangrope Town (1964)

His Brother’s Wife (1964) (by Clay Stuart)

Lust Dupe (1964) (by John Dexter)

The Man from U.N.C.L.E #2: The Doomsday Affair (1965)

Like Mink, Like Murder (1965)  (originally published as “Passion Hangover” by JX Williams)

Passion Cache (1965) (by JX Williams)

Valley of Savage Men (1965)

Wild Lonesome (1965)

Hell Bait (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Saddle Sin Fishers (1966) (by John Dexter)

Doomsday Mission (1967)

Balcony of Shame (1967) (by Curt Colman)

Blood Lust Orgy (1966) (by John Dexter)

The Sinning Room (1966) (by John Dexter)

The Taste of Desire (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Bonanza: Treachery Trail (1968)

Burden’s Mission (1968)

 Charro! (1969)

The Mexican Connection (1972) (by Howard Winslow)

Nightmare Alibi (1972) (by Henry Whittier)

Another Man’s Claim (1973) (by Henry Whittier)

Golden Stud (1975) (Lance Horner)

Master of Blackoaks (1976) (by Ashley Carter)

Sword of the Golden Stud (1977) (by Ashley Carter)

 Panama (1978) (by Ashley Carter)

 Secret of Blackoaks (1978) (by Ashley Carter)

Taproots of Falconhurst (1978) (by Ashley Carter)

Rampage (1978)

Sicilian Woman (1979)

The Outlanders (1979) (by Blaine Stevens)

Scandal of Falconhurst (1980) (by Ashley Carter)

Scandal of Falconhurst (1980) (by Ashley Carter)

Heritage of Blackoaks (1981) (by Ashley Carter)

Longarm on the Humboldt (1981) (BY Tabor Evans)

Longarm and the Golden Lady (1981) (by Tabor Evans)

Longarm and the Blue Norther (1981) (by Tabor Evans)

Longarm in Silver City (1982) (by Tabor Evans)

Longarm in Boulder Canyon (1982) (by Tabor Evans)

Longarm in the Big Thicket (1982) (by Tabor Evans)

Embrace The Wind (1982) (by Blaine Stevens)

 Rogue of Falconhurst (1983) (by Ashley Carter)

Against All Gods (1983, UK) (by Ashley Carter)

A Darkling Moon (1985, UK) (by Ashley Carter)

Embrace the Wind (1985) (by Ashley Carter)

A Farewell to Blackoaks (1986, UK)

Miz Lucretia of Falconhurst (1986) (by Ashley Carter)

Mandingo Mansa (1986) (by Ashley Carter)

Strange Harvest (1986, UK)  (by Ashley Carter)

Falconhurst Fugitive (1988) (by Ashley Carter)

Island of Kings (1989) (by Blaine Stevens)

SLEAZE PULP NOVELS There are numerous softcore novels written under the psuedonyms JX Williams, John Dexter, and Curt Colman.  For summaries and other information about these novels, check out Lynn Munroe’s excellent site: https://www.lynn-munroe-books.com/list60/themissing38.htm.  Note that some of the books which appear to be sleaze pulps from the titles and covers are actually crime or romance novels. 

Lust Farm (1964) (by JX Williams)

Flesh Avenger (1964) (by JX Williams)

The Shame Hiders (1964) (by JX Williams)

Saddle Sinners (1964) (by John Dexter)

Pushover (1964) (by John Dexter)

Sin Psycho (1964) (by John Dexter)

Flesh Curse (1964) (by John Dexter)

Sharing Sharon (1965) (by John Dexter)

Shame Union (1965) (by John Dexter)

The Wedding Affair (1965) (by John Dexter)

 Baptism in Shame (1965) (by John Dexter)

Lust Buyer (1965) (by JX Williams)

 Passion Flayed (1965) (by JX Williams)

Man Hater (1965) (by JX Williams)

Flesh Mother (1965) (by Curt Colman)

Flamingo Terrace (1965) (by Curt Colman)

Baby Face (1966) (by JX Williams)

Flesh Snare (1966) (by JX Williams)

Sinsurance (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Sin Deep (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Latent Lovers (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Sinners After Six (1966) (by Curt Colman)

Passion Burned (1966) (by John Dexter)

Remembered Sin (1966) (by John Dexter)

The Abortionists (1966) (by John Dexter)

Mask of Lust (1967) (by Curt Colman)

The Grim Peeper (1967) (by Curt Colman)