James McKimmey (1923-2011)

McKimmey wrote 12 crime novels and 1 collection of novellas between 1958 and 1972. McKimmey is also known as a science fiction writer, particularly with regard to short stories and one of numerous authors who penned the Ki-Gor tales (a Tarzan of the Apes type adventure series) under the Peter Drummond name. McKimmey’s time writing crime fiction was rather brief, but fruitful. Six of McKimmey’s novels have recently been re-published under the Stark House publishing name in double novel formats.

List of McKimmey’s Crime and Pulp Novels

The Perfect Victim (1958)

Winner Take All (1959)

Cornered! (1960)

24 Hours to Kill (1961)

The Wrong Ones (1961)

The Long Ride (1961)

Squeeze Play (1962)

Run If You’re Guilty (1963)

Blue Mascara Tears (1965)

A Circle in the Water (1965)

Never Be Caught (1966) (three novellas)

The Hot Fire (1969)

Man With the Gloved Hand (1972)