Stark House Press

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Death’s Sweet Song / Whom Gods Destroy by Clifton Adams (Pulp)

Never Say No to a Killer by Clifton Adams (Nov. 2017) (Western)

The Desperado / A Noose for the Desperado by Clifton Adams (Nov. 2017) (Western)

The Jukebox Kings by Doug Allyn (Feb. 2017)

Brain Guy / Plunder by Benjamin Appel

Sweet Money Girl/Life and Death of a Tough Guy by Benjamin Appel

You’ll Get Yours by William Ard (Aug. 2018)

Portrait in Smoke / The Longest Second by Bill Ballinger (June 2018)

The Tooth and the Nail / The Wife of the Red-Haired Man by Bill Ballinger (Aug. 2020)

A Trio of Beacon Books: Marijuana Girl / Call South 3300: Ask for Molly! / The Sex Cure by Orrie Hitt, N.R. de Mexico, and Elaine Dorian (Sept. 2019)

The Hoodlums by George Benet (Feb. 2021)

Truth Lies Bleeding by Tony Black (Oct. 2020)

The Lost Valley by Algernon Blackwood

Julius LeVallon / The Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood

The Lost Valley / The Wolves of God by Algernon Blackwood

Jimbo / The Education of Uncle Paul by Algernon Blackwood

Pan’s Garden / Incredible Adventures by Algernon Blackwood

Ten Minute Stories / Day and Night Stories by Algernon Blackwood

The Empty House / The Listener by Algernon Blackwood

Stranger at Home by Leigh Brackett (May 2015)

Shake Him Till He Rattles / It’s Cold Out There by Malcolm Braly

Felony Tank by Malcolm Braly (Feb. 2016)

False Starts: A Memoir of San Quentin and other Prisons by Malcolm Braly (Feb. 2016) (autobiography)

Wild to Possess / A Taste for Sin by Gil Brewer

A Devil for O’Shaugnessy / The Three-Way Split by Gil Brewer

Nude on Thin Ice / Memory of Passion by Gil Brewer

The Erotics / Gun the Dame Down / Angry Arnold by Gil Brewer

The Red Scarf / A Killer is Loose by Gil Brewer

Flight to Darkness / 77 Rue Paradìs by Gil Brewer

Redheads Die Quickly and other stories by Gil Brewer

Death is a Private Eye by Gil Brewer

The Tease / Sin for Me by Gil Brewer

The Lover / The Mistress / The Passionate by Carter Brown (March 2021)

The Unorthodox Corpse / Death on the Downbeat / The Blonde by Carter Brown (March 2021)

Al Wheeler #3: No Law Against Angels / Doll for the Big House / Chorine Makes a Killing by Carter Brown (March 2019)

Al Wheeler #2: No Harp for My Angel / Booty for My Babe / Eve, It’s Extortion by Carter Brown (May 2018)

Al Wheeler #1: The Wench is Wicked/Blonde Verdict/Delilah Was Deadly by Carter Brown (Oct. 2017)

Madball by Frederic Brown (June 2019)

It’s Always Four O’Clock / Iron Man by W. R. Burnett

Little Men, Big World / Vanity Row by W. R. Burnett

The Goldseekers by W.R. Burnett

Thief of Midnight by Catherine Butzen

A Net of Good and Evil by Michael Scott Cain (Sept. 2020)

Damon Runyon’s Boys by Michael Scott Cain (April 2018)

The Man Who Got Away With It / The Three Widows by Bernice Carey (May 2019)

The Body on the Sidewalk / The Reluctant Murderer by Bernice Carey (May 2020)

The Fatal Picnic / Their Nearest and Dearest by Bernice Carey (June 2021)

The Baby Doll Murders / Frenzy / Killer Take All by James O. Causey (Aug 2018)

Frantic by Noel Calef (Feb 2019)

Angel’s Flight by Lou Cameron (Feb. 2017)

The Slayer of Souls / The Maker of Moons by Robert W. Chambers

Come Easy-Go Easy / In a Vain Shadow by James Hadley Chase

No Orchids for Miss Blandish / Twelve Chinamen and a Woman by James Hadley Chase

He Won’t Need It Now / The Dead Stay Dumb by James Hadley Chase

Lady Here’s Your Wreath / Miss Callaghan Comes to Grief by James Hadley Chase

Just the Way It Is / Blonde’s Requiem by James Hadley Chase

Eve / More Deadly than the Male by James Hadley Chase

No Business of Mine / Miss Shumway Waves a Wand by James Hadley Chase

Satan Takes the Helm by Calvin Clements (Oct. 2020)

Spouses & Other Crimes by Andrew Coburn

The Babysitter by Andrew Coburn (Sept. 2015)

Tears are for Angels by Paul Connolly (Feb. 2020)

So Young, So Wicked by Jonathan Craig (April 2021)

The Oracle Lips

Calenture by Storm Constantine

The Thorn Boy & Other Dreams of Dark Desire by Storm Constantine

Sign for the Sacred by Storm Constantine

One for Hell by Jada M. Davis

Midnight Road Jada M. Davis

Seven Shoes by Mark Davis (March 2020)

The Hoods Take Over by Ovid Demaris (April 2019)

Cry Blood/Killer in Silk by H. Vernor Dixon (January 2016)

One is a Lonely Number by Bruce Elliott & Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliott Chaze

Gang Girl / Sex Bum by Robert Silverberg writing as Don Elliott

Lust Queen / Lust Victim by Robert Silverberg writing as Don Elliott

Connie / Meg by Robert Silverberg writing as Don Elliott

My Old Man’s Badge by Ferguson Findley (Dec. 2019)

Dead Weight/ Deadlock by Ruth Fenisong (Jan. 2020)

Two Names for Death by E.P. Fenwick (April 2020)

The Bleeding Scissors/The Evil Days by Bruno Fischer (Aug. 2015)

Woman of Cairo / Dear, Deadly Beloved by John Flagg (Dec. 2020)

Death and the Naked Lady / The Lady and the Cheetah / Faces Turned Against Him by John Flagg (Jan. 2017)

The Persian Cat by John Flagg (Aug. 2015)

The Beat Generation & the Angry Young Men (anthology)

Look Behind You, Lady / The Venetian Blonde by A. S. Fleischman

Danger in Paradise / Malay Woman by A. S. Fleischman

The Sun Worshippers / Yellowleg by A. S. Fleischman

Shanghai Flame / Counterspy Express by A.S. Fleischman (Dec. 2016)

Leave Her to Hell / Let Me Kill You Sweetheart / Take Me Home by Fletcher Flora (March 2016)

The Action Man / Terror Tournament by Jay Flynn (Nov. 2018)

A Beatnik Trio: Like Crazy, Man – Richard E. Geis / The Far‐Out Ones – Dell Holland /Beat Girl – Bonnie Golightly (Nov. 2020)

Nightfall / Cassidy’s Girl / Night Squad by David Goodis (Dec. 2018)

The Autumn Dead / The Night Remembers by Ed Gorman

Graves’ Retreat / Night of Shadows by Ed Gorman

3 Steps to Hell: So I’m a Heel / Flint / The Big Out by Arnold Hano

The Last Notch by Arnold HanoSlade / Manhunter by Arnold Hano

Virgin Cay/Night Out by Basil Heatter

A Rage at Sea / A Party Every Night by Lorenz Heller

Dead Wrong by Lorenz Heller Hide-Out / I Get What I Want by Lorenz Heller

Crime Cop / Body of the Crime by Lorenz Heller

End of the Line by Bert and Dolores Hitchens

She Got What She Wanted by Orrie Hitt

Wayward Girl / The Widow by Orrie Hitt

Warped Desire / The Strangest Sin by Orrie Hitt

The Cheaters / Dial “M” for Man by Orrie Hitt

Lady Killer / Miasma by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Thing Beyond Reason / Echo of a Careless Voice / Blotted Out by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Shoals of Honour & Early Stories by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Unlit Lamp & Selected Stories by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Widow’s Mite / Who’s Afraid by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Kill Joy / The Virgin Huntress by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Death Wish / Net of Cobwebs by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Strange Crime in Bermuda / Too Many Bottles by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Old Battle-Ax / Dark Power by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

The Unfinished Crime / The Girl Who Had to Die by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Speak of the Devil / The Obstinate Murderer by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Underground / Collected Stories by Russell James

Liz / Syndicate Girl by Frank Kane

Living End by Frank Kane

Frenzy of Evil by Henry Kane

Cut Me In by Jack Karney

Framed in Guilt / My Flesh is Sweet by Day Keene

Dead Dolls Don’t Talk / Hunt the Killer / Too Hot to Hold by Day Keene

Sleep with the Devil/ Wake Up to Murder/ Joy House by Day Keene

Dead Man’s Tide/The Dangling Carrot/The Big Kiss-Off by Day Keene

Grind Joint by Dana King

The Astonished Eye by Tracy Knight

Dogtown / Soultown by Mercedes Lambert

Ghosttown by Mercedes Lambert

El Nino by Mercedes Lambert

The Men From the Boys by Ed Lacy

Lead With Your Left / The Best That Ever Did It by Ed Lacy

Lion Books: Tall, Dark & Dead by Kermit Jaedeker / The Savage Chase by Frederick Lorenz / Run the Wild River by D. L. Champion

Lion Books: Hero’s Lust by Kermit Jaediker / The Man I Killed by Shel Walker / House of Evil by Clayre & Michel Lipman

Smith by Timothy Lockhart

Pirates by Timothy Lockhart

A Certain Man’s Daughter by Timothy Lockhart

The Affair of Lady Westcott’s Lost Ruby / The Case of the Unseen Assassin by Gary Lovisi

The Broken Angel / Backfire & Other Stories by Floyd Mahannah 

Stool Pigeon by Louis Malley

Underlay by Barry Malzberg

Lady of a Thousand Sorrows – by Barry Malzberg

Confessions of Westchester County  by Barry Malzberg

Horizontal Woman by Barry Malzberg

The Spread by Barry Malzberg

Screen / Cinema by Barry Malzberg

Overlay / Bed of Money / Underlay by Barry Malzberg

Oracle of the Thousand Hands / In My Parents’ Bedroom by Barry Malzberg

Fire / Machine by Barry Malzberg

The Best of Manhunt

The Best of Manhunt 2

The Manhunt Companion

Trio of Gold Medals: The Vengeance Man by Dan J. Marlowe; Park Avenue Tramp byFletcher Flora; The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed by Charles Runyon

The Name of the Game is Death / One Endless Hour by Dan J. Marlowe

Violence is My Business / Turn Left for Murder by Stephen Marlowe

Little Sister by Robert Martin

Cornered / The Long Ride by James McKimmey

The Perfect Victim / Winner Take All by James McKimmey

Run If You’re Guilty / Never Be Caught by James McKimmey

Big Red’s Daughter / Tokyo Doll by John McPartland

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute –McCarthy & Gorman (ed)

An Air That Kills / Do Evil in Return by Margaret Millar

The Killer / Devil on Two Sticks by Wade Miller

Devil May Care / Sinner Take All by Wade Miller

Kitten With a Whip / Kiss Her Goodbye by Wade Miller

The Plastic Nightmare / While Love Lay Sleeping by Richard Neely

Woman on the Roof by Helen Nielsen

Borrow the Night / The Fifth Caller by Helen Nielsen

Turnabout / Shallow Secrets by Rick Ollerman

Truth Always Kills by Rick Ollerman

Mad Dog Barked by Rick Ollerman

Hardboiled, Noir and Gold Medals: Essays on Crime Fiction Writers from the ’50s through the ’90s by Rick Ollerman

Secrets & Sovereigns: The Uncollected Stories by E. Phillips Oppenheim

The Amazing Judgment / Mr. Laxworthy’s Adventures by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Ghosts & Gamblers: The Further Uncollected Stories by E. Phillips Oppenheim

Bourbon Street / Hot Cargo by G. H. Otis

Something in the Shadows / Intimate Victims by Vin Packer

The Damnation of Adam Blessing / Alone at Night by Vin Packer

Whisper His Sin / The Evil Friendship by Vin Packer

The Girl on the Bestseller List by Vin Packer

Only the Wicked by Gary Phillips

Go, Lovely Rose / The Evil Wish by Jean Potts

Home is the Prisoner / The Little Lie by Jean Potts

The Only Good Secretary / The Man With the Cane by Jean Potts

A Shot in the Dark / Shell Game by Richard Powell

Snowbound / Games by Bill Pronzini

The Box / Journey Into Terror by Peter Rabe

Murder Me for Nickels / Benny Muscles In by Peter Rabe

Blood on the Desert / A House in Naples by Peter Rabe

My Lovely Executioner / Agreement to Kill by Peter Rabe

Anatomy of a Killer / A Shroud for Jesso by Peter Rabe

The Silent Wall / The Return of Marvin Palaver by Peter Rabe

Kill the Boss Good-By / Mission for Vengeance by Peter Rabe

Dig My Grave Deep / The Out is Death / It’s My Funeral by Peter Rabe

Cut of the Whip / Bring Me Another Corpse / Time Enough to Die by Peter Rabe

Girl in a Big Brass Bed / The Spy Who Was 3 Feet Tall / Code Name Gadget by Peter Rabe

War of the Dons / Black Mafia by Peter Rabe

New Man in the House / Her High School Lover by Peter Rabe

The Ham Reporter / The Disappearance of Penny by Robert J. Randisi

Paperback Confidential: Crime Writers of the Paperback Era by Brian Ritt

Bat Wing / Fire-Tongue by Sax Rohmer

The Yellow Claw / The Golden Scorpion by Sax Rohmer

Brood of the Witch Queen / The Quest of the Sacred Slipper by Sax Rohmer

Dead Horse by Walter Satterthwait

Pure Sweet Hell / Catch a Fallen Starlet by Douglas Sanderson

The Deadly Dames / A Dum-Dum for the President by Douglas Sanderson

Night of the Horns / Cry Wolfram by Douglas Sanderson

Prey by Night / Rain of Terror by Douglas Sanderson

Tears for Jessie Hewitt by Edna Sherry

Johnny Porno by Charlie Stella

Rough Riders by Charlie Stella

Eddie’s World by Charlie Stella

Tommy Red by Charlie Stella

Straight Dope by Tommy Swerdlow

Not Worth That Much / Money is the Drug of Choice by Wilson Toney

Alibi for A Dead Man by Wilson Toney

North Beach Girl / Scandal on the Sand by John Trinian

Scratch a Thief / House of Evil by John Trinian

Jack o’Judgment / Captains of Souls by Edgar Wallace

Angel of Terror / Kate Plus 10 by Edgar Wallace

Too Many Bones / Blood from a Stone by Ruth Wallis

Marilyn K / The House Next Door by Lionel White

The Snatchers / Clean Break by Lionel White

Hostage for a Hood / The Merriweather File by Lionel White

Coffin for a Hood / Operation — Murder by Lionel White

Steal Big / The Big Caper by Lionel White

A Night for Screaming / Any Woman He Wanted by Harry Whittington

To Find Cora / Like Mink Like Murder / Body and Passion by Harry Whittington

Rapture Alley / Winter Girl / Strictly for the Boys by Harry Whittington

A Haven for the Damned by Harry Whittington

Trouble Rides Tall / Cross the Red Creek / Desert Stake-out by Harry Whittington

Nothing in Her Way / River Girl by Charles Williams

The Body Looks Familiar / The Late Mrs. Five by Richard Wormer