Fleischman, A.S. (Sid)

Fleischman actually is most well-known as a children’s author and a screenwriter. From 1948 through 1963, he published ten pulp adventure novels, largely set in Southeast Asia locales such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Shanghai. The Venetian Blonde is an exception to that rule and is probably his best pulp novel. Stark House Press has been re-issuing quite a number of Fleischman’s novels, mainly in its double novel format. Probably the most thorough biography of Fleischman that you will find is in the introduction to these two-novel collections.

The Straw Donkey (1948)

Murder’s No Accident (1949)

Shanghai Flame (1951)

Look Behind You, Lady (1952)

Danger in Paradise (1953)

Counterspy Express (1954)

Malay Woman (1954)

Blood Alley (1955)

Yellowleg (1960)

The Venetian Blonde (1963)