BLACK LIZARD (the original 1980’s publishing house) (82 books including 80 novels and 2 anthologies)

The Original Black Lizard Crime Series of the 1980’s

Creative Arts Book Company was founded by Don Ellis in 1976 and Barry Gifford became a consultant/editor with the first Black Lizard imprint book being published in 1980 as Gifford’s Port Tropique. The story is that in 1983 Gifford, who was then in Paris, found a treasure trove of Jim Thompson novels (an even dozen). Gifford then took these nihilistic crime novels and used them as the foundation to establish or resurrect the Black Lizard imprint, which reintroduced America to the gritty psycho-noir crime novels of the Fifties and was best epitomized by Thompson’s wild and untamed prose. In 1990, Ellis sold Black Lizard (including the rights to 30 unprinted novels) to vintage books. These novels in the 1980’s with their lurid (matching covers) were part of a rebirth of the noir crime novel and noir movie world, which years later was intimated by Charles Ardai of Hard Case Crime and other publishing houses.

    After Dark, My Sweet, Jim Thompson

    Agreement to Kill, Peter Rabe

    The Alcoholics, Jim Thompson

    The Baby Doll Murders, James O. Causey

    Black Friday, David Goodis

    Black Mass of Brother Springer, Charles Willeford

    Black Lizard Anthology of Crime Fiction, Ed Gorman, ed.

    Second Black Lizard Anthology, Ed Gorman, ed.

Blood Dance, Joe Landsdale (1986)

    Blood on the Dining Room Floor, Gertrude Stein

    The Box, Peter Rabe

The Burglar, David Goodis

    Burnt Orange Heresy, Charles Willeford

    Carny Kill, Robert Edmond Alter

    Cassidy’s Girl, David Goodis

    Coffin & Co., Simon Njami

    Cockfighter, Charles Willeford

    The Criminal, Jim Thompson

    Cropper’s Cabin, Jim Thompson

    The Damned Don’t Die, Jim Nisbet

    Dead Meet, Roger L. Simon

    Death Puppet, Jim Nisbet

    Detour, Helen Nielsen

    The Devil Wears Wings, Harry Whittington

    Dig My Grave Deep, Peter Rabe

    Doctor Syntax, Michael Petracca

    The Far Cry, Fredric Brown

    Fast One, Paul Cain

    Fires That Destroy, Harry Whittington

    Forgive Me Killer, Harry Whittington

    Frenzy, James O. Causey

    The Getaway, Jim Thompson

    The Golden Gizmo, Jim Thompson

    Goodbye L.A., Murray Sinclair

    The Grifters, Jim Thompson

    A Hell of a Woman, Jim Thompson

    His Name was Death, Fredric Brown

    I Wake up Screaming, Steve Fisher

    Ill Wind, W. L. Heath

    It’s My Funeral, Peter Rabe

    Jealous Woman, James M. Cain

    Kill the Boss Goodbye, Peter Rabe

    The Killing, Lionel White

    Lethal Injection, Jim Nisbet

    Low Bite, Sin Soracco

    Man on the Run, Charles Williams

    Masques, Bill Pronzini

    A Moment to Prey, Harry Whittington

    The Name of the Game is Death, Dan J. Marlowe

    Never Live Twice, Dan J. Marlowe

    Nightfall, David Goodis

    Night Squad, David Goodis

    Nothing in Her Way, Charles Williams

    Nothing More than Murder, Jim Thompson

    Only in L.A., Murray Sinclair

    The Out is Death, Peter Rabe

    Perversity, Francis Carco

    Pick-up, Charles Willeford

    Pop. 1280, Jim Thompson

    Port Tropique, Barry Gifford

    Recoil, Jim Thompson

    The Root of his Evil, James M. Cain

    Running of the Beasts, Bill Pronzini and Barry Malzberg

    Savage Night, Jim Thompson

    Seven Slayers, Paul Cain

    Shoot the Piano Player, David Goodis

    Silk Stalkings, Susan Thompson and Victoria Nichols

    Sinful Woman, James M. Cain

    Sing Me a Murder, Helen Nielsen

    The Straight Man, Kent Nelson

    Street of No Return, David Goodis

    Strongarm, Dan J. Marlowe

    Swamp Sister, Robert Edmond Alter

    A Swell Looking Babe, Jim Thompson

    A Ticket to Hell, Harry Whittington

    Tough Luck L.A., Murray Sinclair

    The Truth of the Matter, John Lutz

    Vengeance Man, Dan J. Marlowe

    Violent Saturday, W. L. Heath

    Web of Murder, Harry Whittington

    Wild Town, Jim Thompson

    You Play the Black and the Red Comes Up, Eric Knight