Cat and Mouse by William Campbell Gault

CAT AND MOUSE A Brock Callahan Mystery | William Campbell Gault | First Edition; First Printing

Gault wrote a total of 14 Brock Callahan novels, a private eye designed to appeal to the reading masses. Callahan was a Rams football star permanently on hiatus due to a bad knee. His office was in posh Beverly Hills and he dated high-class interior designer Jan. Gault published the first half of the series between 1955 and 1963 (Murder in the Raw, Day of the Ram, Convertible Hearse, Come Die With Me, Vein of Violence, County Kill, & Dead Hero) and the rest two decades later from 1982 onward (Bad Samaritan, Cano Diversion, Death in Donegal Bay, Dead Seed, Chicano War, Cat and Mouse, & Dead Pigeon) .

Cat and Mouse is one of the last of the Callahan novels. Here, Callahan is retired, finally married to his steady girl Jan, and living in a fancy estate up towards Santa Barbara. Although retired, Callahan is drawn back into the business by a series of cryptic threats.

This is one of the lesser Brock Callahan stories and it never really seems to hang together plot-wise but rather proceeds in fits and starts. What was missing for me was the tension you find in good detective novels. You just never felt it here.

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