Hearse Class Male

Frank Kane: Hearse Class Male. Dell [Canadian] 3528 1963, 1st edition. 849163 | eBay

Frank Kane’s Johnny Liddell series has always been a solid hardboiled read, not mindblowing pulpy good, but a solid read. This novel is no exception. Although not exceptional, it is pulpy in parts and will hold your interest. Here, Kane seems to mix a late sixties science fiction plot about a wonder drug and a secret conspiracy to steal the formula with an old style private eye tale. The parts about the wonder drug and the conspiracy didn’t work too well as a plot device, but the parts featuring Liddell and his tough-nosed spirit and his rendevouses with sultry female agents make the book worth reading. The novel is at its best in the bare-knuckle fight scenes, the execution-style murder, and the repartee between Liddell and the dark haired girl in the baby doll nightgown.

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