Cornell Woolrich Page

The Bride Wore Black     (1940)

The Black Curtain             (1940)

Marihuana          (1941) (under the name William Irish)

Black Alibi            (1941)

Phantom Lady   (1942) (under the name William Irish)    

The Black Angel  (1943) 

The Black Path of Fear    (1944)

Deadline at Dawn (1944) (as William Irish)           

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1945) (As George Hopley)   

Waltz Into Darkness (1947) (as William Irish)       

Rendezvous in Black (1948)         

I Married a Dead Man (1948) (as William Irish)   

Savage Bride (1950)

Fright    (1950) (as George Hopley)   (later republished by Hard Case Crime)

You’ll Never See Me Again (1951)             

Strangler’s Serenade (1951) (as  William Irish)    

Eyes That Watch You (1952) (as William Irish)    

Bluebeard’s Seventh Wife (1952) (as William Irish)

Death is My Dancing Partner (1959)

The Doom Stone (1960)                

Into the Night (1987)