The Devil to Pay

The Devil to Pay is the eleventh book of Fradkin’s Inspector Mike Green police procedural series, set in Ottawa, Canada. Green has been around so long that he’s a now a living legend among the detectives, but a living legend assigned to paperwork and procedures, itching to get back in the game a little bit. Nevertheless, it’s his daughter, a probationary police officer on patrol duty, Hannah Pollack, going by her mother’s name to create her own career, who is the star of this novel. They say curiosity killed the cat, if so, Hannah is close to using up all of her nine lives. She just can’t stay out of the Case, even tackling thorny problems in her off hours in civilian clothes, creating all kinds of ethical dilemmas in the case. Of course, being Green’s protege, Hannah’s instincts are always right on the mark and that’s what leads her to explore things on her own.

The Case all starts as a routine domestic disturbance call, but with no real evidence of abuse, there’s not much the officers can do to Hannah’s frustration. And, when a real live murder connects with the family, Hannah wants to figure it out even though she’s not assigned to the Case and her involvement can muck things up.

The action in this novel takes a long time to pick up as the stage is set, but eventually it becomes a fascinating novel with an exciting conclusion.

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