No Good Deed

No Good Deed is the second book in Swain’s Beth Daniels and Jon Lancaster series, pairing Daniels, a by-the-book FBI Agent with a former Navy SEAL and former police detective Lancaster both on an investigation basis and on a romantic basis. This is an action packed thriller focusing on thwarting a human trafficking ring which ties in with Lancaster’s near-childhood abduction.

Although coincidences like the reappearance of Lancaster’s long Lost convict brother are too coincidental and Lancaster’s endless resources through a secret organization dedicated to saving trafficked children seems too good to be true, the action is intense enough to accept those discrepancies and not to harbor on them.

Part of the storyline throughout this series is that Lancaster’s shoot-from-the-hip Wild West ways don’t fly with the buttoned-down FBI and Daniels constantly has to tread carefully lest her work with Lancaster costs Daniels her career.

There is also a lot of high tech hijinks through the use of Daniel’s niece Nikki as a computer consultant and some other things that may make you think twice about information you expose over the net.

All in all, a fun exciting read where the good guys and the bad guys are clearly delineated.

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