Quarry’s Blood

Coming out November 16, 2021, with cover art by Ron Lesser, is the final Quarry novel. This one ought to be subtitled Reminiscing or Quarry’s Greatest Hits (but that was already done). It revisits Quarry’s past endeavors, from LuAnn in Biloxi to the Quad Cities. Like another character of Collins’ (Nolan), Quarry, through no fault of his own can’t stay retired.

Set in post-Covid 2021, Quarry nearly becomes a target of a pair of hunters, leaving him wondering who from decades in his past, carries a grudge after all these years. This Quarry, though, has some wrinkles and gray hairs and moves a step slower than he used to. He doesn’t know who wants to ring his number, but you better believe he’s going to figure it out even if it’s the nosy reporter/ true crime writer who has figured out his secrets.

Quarry was an ex Vietnam Vet who came became a contract killer for the broker and later solicited business from intended victims preventing their demise and hopefully ferreting out who ordered the hit. But that was decades ago and all in his past.

Fast-paced, action-packed, and a veritable trip down memory lane for Quarry fans.

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