Dark Horse

Dark Horse is the latest Nowhere Man novel. Evan Smoak is the Nowhere Man, formerly known as Orphan X. Plucked from a nasty orphanage at a young age, Smoak was trained to be a super secret assassin until one day he got tired of taking orders and went AWOL. The conceit is that he flies under the radar, has a secret identity like Batman, endless supplies of cash, and a penthouse lair in Hollywood that would make Batman jealous. He has a phone number people can call if they need help and nowhere else to turn. All he asks is that the number be passed on to someone else. Accept all these things and you’ll do fine with thus series. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a well of despair trying to make logical sense out of how this guy is invincible, ultrawealthy, and still flies under the radar.

Here, Smoak gets a call from someone he’d least expect, someone he might not think worthy of his attention, a cartel smuggler who has no one left to turn to with his beloved daughter’s disappearance. Smoak finds a place among these people and takes on a whole cartel of baddies in the wake of rescuing the missing princess. Again, don’t question how he works his way as an outsider into the Leona cartel. Suspend your disbelief and go along for the adventure. It’s fast paced action that definitely will hold your attention.

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