Blood World

Blood World sounds like a science fiction thriller along the lines of a Mad Max society. It’s actually a modern-day thriller with the twist being blood, well, special blood that you can’t just get out of any blood bank. It comes from those with special genes and acts like a fountain of youth coupled with a high dose of ecstasy. Of course, it’s an underground pleasure and siphoned off of carriers housed in hidden blood farms and sucked dry to feed a growing market. Different criminal gangs are at odds trying to seize the burgeoning market. Into this maelstrom we find Ellie, whose twin brother was kidnapped years earlier, but she never gave up trying to find him. Ellie us now an LAPD officer who wants to join the fabled blood squad and break the organizations involved. Much of the exciting story is her undercover journey into the heart of the criminal enterprise which plays out similarly to many undercover stories. All in all, an exciting thrill ride.

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