Truth Always Kills

If you are even mildly chewing over the idea of retiring in Florida, then perhaps you haven’t read enough of the Florida noir stories that have been pumped out there for the last sixty or seventy years. From the swamplands to the keys, the place is just filled to the brim with kooks and not the harmless kinds. Ollerman revisits Talmage Powell’s St Petersburg and Ybor City with a nasty piece of business. Ollerman’ protagonist, Jeff Prentiss, is a guy nearing the end of his rope. Prentiss was a Tampa Homicide Detective, who made mistakes big enough to get him drummed out of the force with no one left to protect his back. Across the bay, now on St. Pete’s force, no one trusts him and his every move is watched. To top it off, his wife and daughter have gone and left town with no forwarding address. He’s still facing a board of rights hearing in Tampa and who knows what’ll happen. And, his ex-wife’s first husband Just got released from prison and has been stalking her. Prentiss is on his own, drowning in a barrel of crap, and every move he makes backfires as he tries to make headway on a new homicide with his own life falling apart.

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