Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead is the 26th thriller in Lee Child’s long-running Jack Reacher series, now cowritten with his younger brother who will eventually take over the franchise. Reacher is a Six foot five trained ex military police officer who has never exactly settled into civilian life. He has no home, no car, no regular job. Instead, he’s on permanent walkabout wherever whim takes him. Reacher never finds trouble is too far distant and he has a penchant for helping others.

This one finds Reacher in the border zone of Arizona where he comes upon a Jerome smashed into a tree and ends up in a plot which puts him on the slab in a morgue.

Reacher finds a villain Bond could be proud of and his loyal crew in a plot with far-reaching international implications. He shouldn’t be involved. He had every opportunity to walk away. But he keeps poking around in the hot dry desert, looking for things that don’t make sense.

of course, there’s lot of action and the pace is rather deadly. The plot though is at times a bit confusing, particularly who is working for who and why.

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