Battle Mask

BATTLE MASK (EXECUTIONER #3) By Don Pendleton *Excellent Condition* | eBay

Pendleton’s Executioner series continues here in its third volume. If you haven’t read the first two volumes, I would suggest you do so as they give you the full background of Mack Bolan and why he returned from service in Vietnam to conduct a private war against the Mafia.

The biggest question I had before picking up Battle Mask was where Pendleton could go with the story considering how guns-blazing filled with action the first two books were. Question answered. This book is just as bloody and filled with action as the first two.

Most importantly, Men’s action story or not, Pendleton is an excellent storyteller. It is easy, quick reading and so action-packed it is really hard to put down. Battle Mask once again finds Bolan on his own against overwhelming odds. It’s a story about the miracles of plastic surgery and fake identities and Bolan getting the upper hand against his enemies. The plastic surgery bit is of course similar to Richard Stark’s Man With the Getaway Face. In any event, Read every page. The Executioner series is that good.

One thought on “Battle Mask”

  1. Not sure how you’re linking your image, but you might want to make sure you’re uploading them to your media library and not hotlinking them from another site. If that site ever goes down, your picture here will just display a broken link.

    If you have enjoyed these 3 books, you’ll enjoy the rest of Pendleton’s original run. They are good indeed 🙂


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