Perfect Victim

McKimmey’s 1958 tale “Perfect Victim” is a play of small country town bumpkins versus fancy city slickers. It rubs innocence against conniving jerks. It’s set, as many fifties novels were, in a small nowheresville town where everyone hangs out at the local diner, hoping to make time with the full-bodied voluptuous waitress who slings hash there.

But, perhaps no one is fully innocent cause this waitress with a heart of gold is a few months along and wants to land a father type before she starts showing. And, even the innocent angelic local kid doesn’t have the balls 🏀 to stand up for his rights or even what’s right. And, the locals are gathering their pitchforks and getting ready to go full vigilante on whoever they think laid out the poor waitress in a puddle of blood. Think of the villagers coming to the castle to end Dr. Frankenstein’s great experiment. Forget presumptions of innocence and trials and all that Jazz.

There are quite a few interesting ingredients at work here and it’s a fairly quick easy read. Maybe it would’ve worked even better suspense-wise if it were a mystery who beat the lass to death. Or if it were told through one actor’s eyes 👀 rather than an at-large viewpoint.

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