Quarry in the Black

The Official FOMAC Website - Quarry in the Black

Terrific book filled with lots of action and excitement. The Quarry series, about a sardonic hitman, first came out in the mid 1970s (although many of the novels like this one are of more recent vintage) and like a number of action series from the 1970s features a guy who honed his skills in The Vietnam War only to come back and find his life back in the States wasn’t what he thought it would be. Recruited by a Broker, who acts as an intermediary, Quarry is a meticulous professional contract killer who sometimes wonders about the why’s and wherefores of his contracts.

The story is firmly placed in its era because of its use of big muscle cars, the references to the type of music playing, and the long haired hippie types populating just about everywhere. This story involves McGovern’s ill-fated presidential race and Southern racial tensions at the time.

Sexy, sardonic, filled with double entendres (starting with the very first sentence), explosively violent, and a lot of fun to read.

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