End of a Call Girl

END OF A CALL GIRL | William Campbell Gault | First edition

“End of a Call Girl” was one of the earliest of Gault’s Joe Puma stories and not as smoothly crafted as some of the later Puma tales. Puma was one of two Los Angeles based private eyes that Gault developed in a series. Puma was a lone operator, but with morals and scruples and a wisecracking mouth. He hates hoods, but has a weakness for dames. The plot in this novel has many twists and turns and is really held together by Gault’s skillful writing which keeps the plot moving along.
Puma begins by looking for a wayward call girl, but, as things develop and bodies are tossed around, things begin to get a whole lot more complicated. It is set in late 1950’s Los Angeles and is focused on some of the issues and concerns of that day.

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