The Mourning After

The Mourning After: A Johnny Liddell Thriller - Kindle edition by Kane, Frank. Mystery, Thriller ...

Frank Kane’s Johnny Liddell private eye series has always been a favorite of mine. Coming out of an era when there were umpteen private eye series, the Liddell stories have always been easy to read, filled with action, and cynical without being dark. It’s not really pulpy or noir, but it’s a terrific series nonetheless and well worth reading.

In this one, Liddell and gal pal Reporter Muggsy Kiely are in Hollywood where Liddell ends of tangling with murder, movie stars, hoods, strip clubs, and locals trying to tiptoe around the Hollywood players.

The story takes the reader from Hollywood sound stages to Bunker Hill tenements to Beverly Hills mansions to gambling dens.
Liddell has his moments with the local authorities, but mostly he works well with them. It all comes to a crescendo with a meeting of all the suspects and Liddell suddenly pointing out the killer.

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