Johnny Lidell’s Morgue

Frank Kane: Johnny Liddell's Morgue. Dell First Edition A117 1956, 1st 856396 | eBay

What’s better than a Johnny Lidell story? Lots of Johnny Lidell stories.
Rumour has it that Kane wrote 30 novels and as many as 400 Lidell
short stories. These are some of the best. Lidell is a typical hardboiled
PI in the traditional sense. Kane’s tales are easy reading and lots of
fun if you like this genre.

This collection starts with a tale of what happens to reporters when they investigate folks who don’t want to beinvestigated, “Lead Ache.” Leave it up to Lidell and his gal pal Barbarato find out what’s going on and what happened to the reporter and to
the girls who are disappearing.

The second selection, “Frame,” is another great read. Lidell gets a call from an actress client who isbeing guarded by one of his associates. Things are not good when he
gets out there and the local pice think Lidell’s responsible.

The third story is “Return Engagement.”. A client shows up and tells Lidell that
he has been on the run because he shot a man to death six months
earlier but the man’s photo shows up in that day’s paper with a blurb
about being killed the night before in a hit and run. Another solid
hardboiled hit!

The fourth selection is “The Dead Grin,” a really short
story about hunting accidents and insurance claims. Story number five
is “A Package For Mr. Big.”. On his way home from a bar on a foggy
night, Lidell sees a blonde woman waiting for him. She gives him a
package and disappears. But the trouble is only beginning and Lidell
better watch out. He’s tangling with the Big Boys now.

In “A Game Of Murder,” Lidell is at Grand Central Station to pick up Barbara when a
redhead throws her arms around him and tells him to kiss her. A guy
has been following her and she’s trying to shake him. Morgue-Star is
about prize fighters, reporters, and fight fixers. Gory Hallelujah is the
final selection. A father thinks his daughter’s suicide was
unjustifiedand Lidell chases the killers to new Orleans

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