Crime of their Life

Frank Kane: Crime of Their Life. Dell First Edition [Canadian] 1557 1962, 849084 | eBay

If you like reading hardboiled detective stories, you’ll like the Johnny Liddell series. They are generally filled with hoods, nightclub singers, redheaded secretaries, Fistfights, and gal pal Mugsy Kiely.

Crime of Their Life, however, is a bit different from the general Johnny Liddell novel. The usual supporting characters are absent and the whole story takes place on a cruise ship in the Carribean where the reader is introduced to all sorts of characters who sail including the captain, the cruise director, the cruise matchmaker, the honeymooning couple, the warring rich couples, and others.

In many ways, this is almost lost like a classic who-done-it where it’s all wrapped up in a final parlor scene with all the suspects gathered.

While this story has the pace and action of a Liddell story, it is a bit of a different kind of story.

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