A Real Gone Guy

Victor Kalin "A Real Gone Guy"; Frank Kane (1958) Dell Books D226 (1958) Cover Artist: Victor ...
Victor Kalin - Pulp Covers

Frank Kane penned dozens of novels and hundreds of short stories for many of the well known mags such as Manhunt. Kane also wrote scripts for the Mike Hammer tv show. He is not to be confused with Henry Kane, another pulp writer. His original novels had great covers and unfortunately the most recent reprints from Prologue do not feature such. A Real Gone Guy is one of Kane’s Johnny Lidell stories. Lidell was his tough-nosed private detective who worked out of midtown New York City. Lidell was not necessarily a cerebral PI. He liked to convince people to do the right thing with his fists as often as not. The Lidell novels written by Kane are all easy to read and before you know it you are too deep in the story to put it down. This book is no exception to this rule.

In A Real Gone Guy, Lidell is hired by a client he never meets. He doesn’t even know her name. She calls him and offers him five hundred clams to solve a murder. Well, she is the only one who thinks its a murder. It is a good oldfashioned hard edged pulp PI novel and was great fun to read. I recommend all the Johnny Lidell books I have read so far. Not a bad one in the bunch.

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