Sweet Wild Wench


Sweet wild Wench has a typical saucy pulp title to catch the reader’s eye and originally had a cover featuring a young brunette in a negligee and a detective in a trench coat.

Joe’s brother Deke is a lousy card player and hangs with the wrong people. Joe is dating the DA’s sister so he gets an assignment from the DA to find out about the Children of Proton, some weird Hollywood cult that a rich man’s daughter was involved with. Of course there’s a slim, stacked, and well-dressed blonde involved. And, it’s Eve Deering, the tycoon’s daughter. Joe Puma is determined to get to the truth, but that’s not an easy thing to do what with the bodies stacking up, the press out to pillory him, and his girlfriend getting out her claws over the well-stacked blonde that popped into his life.

It’s a fast moving, well-told tale that is typical of pulp detective novels.
There’s just enough sex, greed, corruption, intrigue, and bare knuckle
brawls to keep the reader interested.

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