Quarry’s Vote

Quarry's Vote by Max Allan Collins 9781935797050 | eBay

In Quarry’s Vote, originally published as Primary Target, Quarry is retired and running a small motel/resort on a small lake in rural Wisconsin. He lets himself drink and get pudgy over the long winters and has even married a sweet young blonde girl, who he originally had shacked up with as a one-night stand, but it morphed into something else after her parents were killed in a car wreck. It is an idyllic life and, in his early thirties, Quarry is embarking on a calm life. Only, and you knew this was coming, someone from his old life looks him up and proposes a job, the job of a lifetime, really. One million dollars for one hit. It’s a political hit on a third-party presidential fringe presidential candidate. Quarry ponders the money, but decides he is retired from that life and turns it down. Quarry also explains that, with a political hit, like Oswald, you are never safe. You are a loose end that someone has to deal with.

Seeing a car parked nearby with a lone man sitting in it, Quarry realizes that he may have turned the job down, but he is now a loose end that must be dealt with. He is now being hunted by those who would have hired him.

Quarry then puts the clues together and heads to the Quad Cities area of Iowa/Illinois to find out who has put the hit on him.

Although the idea of Quarry doing a political hit makes the book sound hokey, it is actually another great work in the Quarry line with Quarry playing detective to find out who is behind it in the complicated political world of third-party politics.

Along the way, the story is told with typical Quarry dead-pan humor that makes it an absolute pleasure to read.

Quarry is like a one-man army invading a political war camp. No one is who they seem in the Quad Cities and they are all inter-connected.

Highly recommended. Indeed, I recommend each and every book in the Quarry series.

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