Liz/Syndicate Girl

Liz / Syndicate Girl, Paperback by Kane, Frank; Randisi, Robert J. (INT), Lik... 9781933586595 ...
Dell Books B123 - Frank Kane - Syndicate Girl (with back) | Flickr
Paperback Warrior: Liz

Stark House Press has done a great job of putting out these two-fer double-sided two-novel gems. Just like the old Ace Doubles, there’s no B side – just two golden A side hits. This pair features two terrific works by Frank Kane, both very different from each other and from Kane’s Johnny Liddell series.

Move over Kit Tolliver! Move over Bonnie Parker! There’s never been a more hardboiled, more ruthless femme fatale than Liz/ Lorna who has the figure to hypnotize any man and leaves dozens in her wake without even giving a thought to what happened to them. No direction home. On the run. Greedy. Ruthless. Without conscience (for the most part). Liz is the female equivalent of the hardboiled gunslinging criminal. From county jails to slinging hash to running a syndicate, Liz
does it all. The story is smoothly written and easy to read.

The second offering, Syndicate Girl, is quite different. Rather than focusing on a runaway gypsy congirl, this story is about corruption, double dealing, blackmail, and a white knight DA determined to clean up the corrupt town even if he is the only one left standing.

Both novels are top-notch and share little except one plot device. They match well together and give you a great taste of Kane’s early work.

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