Bare Trap

Pulps and Comics 2 — "Bare Trap" By Frank Kane Dell, 1965 cover...

Hollywood Gossip, Gambling Syndicates, Beauty Queens

Bare Trap is the sixth book in the long-running Johnny Liddell private eye series. At 192 pages, it’s one of the longer books in the series. It’s a story of a corrupt Hollywood filled with gold diggers, blackmailers, desperate studio executives, compulsive gamblers, all-powerful gossip columnists, hoods, stacked blondes, and murder.

It’s also a terrific fast-paced, action-packed detective story that takes Liddell from his New York haunts to the west coast where he takes on a client as a favor to Muggsy, his sometimes girlfriend and ace reporter pal. Typical of most private eyes of the era, Liddell tries to work the case on his own and gets mixed up in gun battles, kidnapping, blackmail, and murder frames.

Kane manages to make old Hollywood come alive in all its cynical, jaded glory with gossip everywhere and ex-beauty queens working reception.

One of the best of the Liddell series.

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