Red Hot Ice

The Nick Carter & Carter Brown Blog: Red Hot Ice by Frank Kane

Kane’s Johnny Liddell series is one of the best of the numerous fifties- era private eye series. It’s everything you could want in a PI novel, a tough, uncompromising detective who plays everything close to the vest, chorus girls, actresses, gambling syndicates, and a few honest cops who are frustrated no one – not even Johnny — is sharing info with them. And, of course, you have Johnny’s gal pal, Mugsy Kiely, the ace cub reporter for her father’s paper and Pinky, Johnny’s secretary.
Red Hot Ice is a story that begins with a gambling airplane and a world famous, blonde actress who drinks like she got poured out of the bottle. Gambling and booze of course lead to gambling debts and murder. And then there’s the gigolo husband looking for a better touch and a missing fortune in diamonds and a pair of out of town hitmen. Kane has a great writing style and it makes for an easy and quick read. This is simply old fashioned classic PI stuff and it’s as good and as action packed as anything you’ll find

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