Killing Quarry

Killing Quarry by Max Allan Collins - free ebooks download

Quarry’s back in town and the fun is ready to start. Collins has mastered the short, witty, style of the Quarry and it seems that no matter how many he puts out, they are just tremendous fun.

Originally conceived in the Seventies and then returned to decades later, Quarry was an ex-Vietnam war hero who returned stateside a few days early only to find the Dear John letter hadn’t been mailed yet. He was recruited by the legendary broker to do the only thing he had been trained to do: kill.

As the series went on, Quarry turned the tables on the Broker and, with his list of contacts, sought out targets and offered to get rid of the hitmen out to get them for a price. It’s now years later and Quarry is up to his same old tricks – only the target is a little too close for home.

This novel is a race car rounding those tight curves and about the only complaint I have with it is that it’s over all too quickly, leaving the reader desperate for more of the same. The writing is tight. The humor is dry and witty. Violent, sexy, suspenseful. Definitely worth reading.

The landscape around Lake Geneva is familiar to Quarry readers. And, if like me, you’ve already perused all the other Quarry books, you are not going to be disappointed at the twists and turns.

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