Ask Not by Max Allan Collins

ASK NOT by Max Allan Collins | Kirkus Reviews

The best of the Nathan Heller series is a series of three books that Heller has written about President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, including: (1) Bye Bye Baby about the last days of Ms. Monroe’s life and the mysterious things about her tragic end, which seemed to also involve connections to the Mob and to the Kennedy brothers; (2) Target Lancer about an attempted JFK assassination in Chicago weeks before the Dallas tragedy and the links to anti-Castro groups and Jack Ruby and others; and (3) the lastest Nathan Heller masterpiece: Ask Not, which is about the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.

Yes, there have already been a few other books written about the Kennedy assassination and one or two of them are actually worth reading, but none will take the reader deep into the mysteries surrounding the assassination as this one does. It begins by setting the time period. The Beatles are playing and Heller is providing security and manages to get his teenage son Harrison’s autograph on a napkin that the son clutches until the two walk outside and are almost run down by a car. It was dark out and it could have been accidental except that Heller thinks that one of the people in the car was one of the Cuban assassins he encountered in Chicago in Target Lancer. Someone might be trying to tie up some loose ends and Heller thinks he’s one. Heller sets about putting out the word that he is not a loose end and that his son is off limits.

Meanwhile, Heller has a client in Texas whose husband has been part of a series of strange suicides. Somehow they don’t appear to be suicides to him and they are all linked somehow to witnesses to the Dallas shooting. Heller isn’t planning to investigate the Kennedy assassination. The Warren Commission is taking care of that. But, he finds himself dragged deeper and deeper into it as he, along with a famous reporter, interview people who knew Ruby in the clubs and, if there was a conspiracy, loose ends are being tied off. There’s a theory here about the shooting and it doesn’t involve any magic bullet.

This is an incredible book that is worth reading from cover to cover. If you have any curiousity about what happened in that book depository and on that grassy knoll, read this. You won’t regret it.

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