The Damsel

The Damsel: An Alan Grofield Novel, Stark, Weinman

Here, Grofield has left Parker and other conspirators, after pulling off a casino heist on a small island off the Texas coast. Grofield has a suitcase filled with money, a bullet wound in his back, and is sleeping most of the time in a Mexico City hotel as he tries to recover from his wounds. In his fifth story window bounds a beautiful pair of tanned legs: Elly. After some witty reparte about how she is just in time to scratch his back, it turns out that Elly is involved in some political
intrigue involving gangsters and assasinations and three or four tough guys are out to keep her from a rendevous in Acapulco.

This was about a three hour read. It was a smooth, quick reading tale that had Grofield and Ellie on the run from a group of tough gangsters as they tried to figure out how to get through the only road to the coast. It’s really not like the Parker novels, but it is an excellent series in its own right. Although the underlying political plot is a little bit goofy, the story is well told and was enjoyable to read.

The relationship between Grofield and Elly is well paced and comical as they meet in his hotel room and both try to sell the other ridiculous stories about how they ended up there. She climbed out a sixth story window on a rope of bed sheets to escape an overprotective aunt and he got an arrow in his back when a woman’s husband showed up unexpectedly. The truth about who they are and how they ended up there takes a while to come out, but eventually Grofield signs on as her escort through the Mexican mountains and jungles. All in all, a book well worth reading.

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