Plunder Squad

Plunder Squad (Parker, #15) by Richard Stark

The fifteenth Parker book is “Plunder Squad” and it’s about old friends making new appearances and Parker hitting a string of bad luck with jobs going sour in ways that would even surprise the most dedicated Parker reader. George Uhl from “The Sour Lemon Score” reappears and duels Parker. “Stan Devers” from “The Green Eagle Score,” where Parker raided an airbase reappears.

One job goes sour and another is worth doing. It is filled with Parkerisms, such as when he spots Sharon in the meeting place and almost calls off the deal right there. She was drama and sexual tension and would create problems between the men. “She was a disaster area with a lid on it.”
Parker, we are reminded can’t be bothered with small talk. He just wants to get the job done. At a fancy cocktail party which he has been invited to so he can discuss a job with the host, Parker refuses to mingle. Instead, he asks for a quiet room where he can wait.

There is more than one job going on here, including two fabulous art heists. The story has lots of good Parker action, including shoot outs and takeovers and doublecrosses.

It is a good solid Parker story, although not as pointed and discrete as some of the others.

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