Nobody Runs Forever by Richard Stark (aka Westlake, Donald)

In the introduction to “Deadly Edge,” Charles Ardai explains that the Parker novels are all rather similar in that they all involve some kind of heist and things go wrong, but they are like jazz tunes that are all familiar in a sense, but no two solos are alike. “Nobody Runs Forever” is the 22nd book in this series ( not counting the four Grofield books) and it is part one of the trilogy that ends the series with “Ask The Parrot” and “Dirty Money” being the other two pieces. Each of these three novels is complete for themselves, but together they are part of a continuous story about an armored car robbery in Western Massachusetts and it’s aftermath.

A smaller bank is getting swallowed up by a larger one and all the cash is being moved at night by a high security team in four armored vehicles. An Ex-con has been dating the bank president’s wife and she has the inside scoop on when and what route the money is being moved. A perfect chance or is it ever that simple in Parker’s world? Maybe you got an inside person, but the absolute worst thing is to have an amateur involved. And, before they even got underway (like on the first few pages) some joker wearing a wire had to be put down and the body hasn’t even been laid to rest. At least, you’re not attracting the attention of an over zealous woman cop, Detective Reversa. At least, a bounty hunter isn’t trying to crash the party. At least the ex-con isn’t running from a jealous husband.

It’s hard to pick a favorite among the Parker novels as they are all terrific. This is another brilliant work by Mr. Westlake. Well-plotted and simply well done.


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