Memory by Donald E. Westlake: 9780857683458 | Books

Even though it was Westlake’s last novel, its feel is pulpish as if it were written many years ago. It is not actionpacked as many other Hard Case Crime books are and there is very little crime in here. But, perhaps that was intentional. It is a different kind of Westlake novel and showcases some of his talent.

In a nutshell, the narrator (Paul Cole) is an actor who spends the night, while on tour with his acting company, in bed with a married woman. He explains: “he had chosen her because, being on the road with him, she was handy; and additionally being married. She had already clipped the wings of one male and therefore could demand nothing more from him than he was willing to give.”

The husband walks in on them and bam the narrator ends up in the hospital and his memory is not good. He doesn’t know who to call or how to get home, except that his home is on Grove Street in New
York. He takes a bus as far as his money will take him and ends up in a small town with not much in it. He ends up making a life there, but knows that he was supposed to go to New York and hopes he will remember when he gets there.

What is interesting about this book is how step by step, it is hard to go through life without remembering anything and how people will misunderstand you and turn away from you if you don’t make sense to them. It is an interesting book and a well-told story. I really enjoyed it

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