Dirty Money

Dirty Money (Parker, #24) by Richard Stark

Dirty Money is number twenty four of Richard Stark’s Parker series. It is the final Parker novel since Donald Westlake (aka Richard Stark) is gone and won’t be writing any more.

Parker is a thief. Together with other professionals, he robs banks, armored cars, and casinos. He is ruthless, but not casually cruel. He kills when he has to, but doesn’t like the extra heat that will draw.
In this novel, the story began in Nobody Runs Forever and continued in Ask the Parrot draws to a conclusion. It’s not necessary to read the prior novels although it is helpful.

Parker and a few accomplices pulled off a daring bank robbery, pulling in over $2 million. However, the robbery went wrong, one of his partners got captured, and they had to leave the cash behind as the manhunt for the robbers tightened. This story is about returning for the cash and disposing of the tainted, numbered bills to an overseas buyer. And to top it off, Parker’s identity has been blown and his likeness is plastered on wanted posters all over New England.

Get ready to be introduced to a multitude of characters whose paths keep crisscrossing. This includes the partner who was arrested and then escaped, killing an officer in the process, officers who have chased Parker in two other jurisdictions and know his face, a nosy reporter, and various persons who want either a cut of the money or the whole kit and caboodle.

There is plenty of action and humor as well, including the getaway vehicle being a van with “Holy Redeemer Choir” plastered on the side and Parker and his girlfriend Claire staying at the same B & B as various law enforcement types hunting for the bank robbers.

With Westlake’s smooth writing style, this is a great read. Go for it.

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