Murder in the Raw by William Campbell Gault

MURDER IN RAW By William Gault *Excellent Condition* | eBay

“Murder in the Raw,” first published in 1955, was the first of fourteen Brock Callahan novels by William Campbell Gault. Brock “the rock” was a former Rams football player who had to retire early due to a knee injury and sets up shop in Beverly Hills as a private eye.

The setting for these novels is pure 1950’s Southern California with the palm-lined streets, the Beverly Hills pool parties, the low-rise apartments, the wanna-be-actors and actresses and generally low-key atmosphere. Unusual for a 1950’s PI, Brock wants to get along with the police and often works closely with them. These novels are quite easy reading and you will find yourself halfway through them before you even bother to look up. They are not filled with flowery descriptions or dense, complicated plotting. But, they are certainly good stories. Gault was first and foremost a storyteller and he could spin a yarn.

What could go wrong when a washed-up boxer who used to headline at the Olympic Auditorium walks into Brock’s office and asks him to locate a missing dame? The story takes Brock into a world of murder, Hollywood agents, Beverly Hills pool parties, after-hours clubs, hot rod tough guys, and hoods. Brock gets into a few brawls, but also seems to spend a lot of time traveling through the Southern California streets, attending pool parties, and mixing it up with the locals before getting to the bottom of the story of the boxer, the missing woman, and the dead body in the hot-pillow motel room.

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