Dead Pigeon by William Campbell Gault

Dead Pigeon: A Brock Callahan Mystery - Kindle edition by Gault, William Campbell. Mystery ...

Dead Pigeon was published in 1992 nearly forty years after Gault’s first Brock the Rock Callahan novel, Murder in the Raw. Although the last few Callahan novels feature an aging, retired, married Callahan who now lives in San Valdesto, Dead Pigeon brings Callahan back to the big city to find the killer of his college roommate, once also destined to be a football star, but who had fallen on rough times in the hard part of Venice, California and died on the beach with a shotgun blast to the face. Callahan stumbles across professional wrestlers, cult leaders, conmen, stockbrokers, barflys, and mobsters in his quest to find the killer. In this final Callahan novel, Gault gives us a terrific story, tough, nasty, uncompromising.

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