Come Die With Me by William Campbell Gault

COME DIE WITH ME By William Campbell Gault **Mint Condition** | eBay

Gault wrote a total of 14 Brock Callahan novels, a private eye designed to appeal to the reading masses. Indeed, when writing this series, Gault put in a little something for everybody. For the male readers, Brock “the Rock” Callahan was a Rams football star permanently on hiatus due to a bad knee. For the ladies, Gault set the series in posh Beverly Hills and had Callahan date high-class interior designer Jan. The result is an enjoyable private eye series although not as tough, violent, or cynical as other such series.

Gault published the first half of the series between 1955 and 1963 (Murder in the Raw, Day of the Ram, Convertible Hearse, Come Die With Me, Vein of Violence, County Kill, & Dead Hero) and the rest two decades later from 1982 onward (Bad Samaritan, Cano Diversion, Death in Donegal Bay, Dead Seed, Chicano War, Cat and Mouse, & Dead Pigeon).

Come Die With Me involves millionaire heiresses, Hollywood wanna-be starlets, nightclub singers, a mean jockey who women just swooned over, Mafia bosses, hoods, Malibu houses, and murder. It is an easy quick read and has Callahan essentially running all over town to try to figure out what is going on.

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