Never Give A Millionaire An Even Break

Henry Kane created his private eye, a New York City shamus called Peter Chambers and, beginning in 1947 and continuing through 1972, twenty-five years later, he published thirty Chambers novels and numerous short stories. The early Chambers stories are quite a bit of fun. Chambers has a personal connection with Detective Parker, nearly always a drink and a dame on his arms, and a quick wit with a wry sense of humor. Rumor has it that the later Chambers novels were decidedly pedestrian in comparison to the earlier ones and quite tawdry too.

Never Give A Millionaire is one of the mid to later Chambers novels. Much of it involves Chambers hobnobbing it up with the wealthy set, including a Broadway actress he was dating and two millionaires who wanted her for keeps. He feels like he’s out of his element for much of it and these new so-called friends are all in a web together bound by crazy divorce settlements and blackmail. There’s bodies popping up in locked rooms and bodies disappearing and, of course, Miss Sweden who came here for the pageant and never left.

Much of it is lighthearted banter and entertaining to read. But, the overall plot is a bit convoluted and lacks a clear focus.

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