The Wrong Quarry

Behind the story of The Wrong Quarry with Max Allan Collins - Terry Ambrose

in the Wrong Quarry, Quarry no longer works for the Broker, who is no longer among the living. Rather, Quarry has obtained the Broker’s lists of contacts and he follows the hired assassins, staking them out and figuring out who their prey is. Once he is confident in that information, he offers a deal to the targets, he will, for a price, take out their hitmen and find whoever is the responsible party. I guess everyone needs a career doing something.

The Wrong Quarry takes Quarry into small-town Missouri, where he has followed an antique dealer and expert at staking out. What is interesting is that Collins takes the reader through Quarry’s thought processes as he surreptitiously follows his target to the small-town where Quarry finds that women seem to be throwing themselves at him, including the town tramp and the town beauty queen.
Quarry is almost like a hardboiled detective as he works to figure out what is going on, who is targeted and why. Once he has that figured out, he then has to determine if he has the right quarry or the wrong quarry. The fun in this story is not figuring out the whodunit, but following Quarry through his adventures. Although the story is of recent vintage, it has very much the feel of a much older novel, particularly the setting of the early 80’s in the rural Midwest which Collins conveys through what plays on the radio.

As with all of the Quarry series, this one is recommended reading. Enjoy.

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