The Outfit

Neat, Clean, Shaved & Sober: The Outfit by Richard Stark (1963): To Live Outside the Law You ...

this is the third book in Westlake’s Parker series. Written in effective actionpacked sequences, these books follow a master thief, Heister, and bank robber, who operates on his own with a few buddies and has had his differences with The Syndicate or the Outfit. There is no wasted narrative in these books, just full-on action.

When Parker had his showdown with Bronson back in the first book in the series, he warned Bronson that he knew one hundred guys who weren’t organized, but were professionals. Parker warned that this hundred guys across the country had their eyes on Outfit casinos and collection points, but hadn’t hit the Outfit because they had always figured they were on the same side. Sounded like a bit of grandstanding but whoever knew Parker to make empty threats?

Now the Outfit has been sending guys after him again and Parker decides it’s time to hit back. He writes letters to the guys, telling them to hit Outfit properties, telling the guys that the a Outfit has gotten fat and sloppy.

The guys get together and start pulling off professional jobs on Outfit casinos and nightclubs and other operations. Bronson doesn’t know what is coming.

A fast paced, action-filled novel pitting Parker against his old enemies. Parker is just as tough and as ruthless as ever.

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