Johnny Come Lately

Feminism, Metafiction, and the Panopticon in Green Light For Death, by Frank Kane Literary ...

Frank Kane’s Johnny Liddell novels are just what you want to find in pulp detective fiction. Liddell’s a tough-as-nails private eye who doggedly pursues the bad guys. There’s no deep intellectual confusion
in Liddell books regarding who is on the side of good and who is evil. These are fast reading books that are fun to read.
This story has all the right stuff for a pulp detective story. It has the stacked sultry blonde femme fatale who makes no bones about what she wants and what she’ll do to get it. It has the innocent young damsel in distress. It has what looks like a tragic suicide but which the reader knows to be far more. There’s gunfire and corruption and double crossing.

Liddell doesn’t make an appearance until well into the story. But that works just fine as the opening chapters lay out for the reader exactly what transpired and how. Rather than being a who done it story, this one is about whether they can get away with it.

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