Winner Take All

Dell Books A185 - James McKimmey - Winner Take All | Flickr

Winner Take All has a rather unbelievable setup with the appearance of a long lost wealthy twin who is in over his head to a mobster and wants his tougher more worldly long lost twin to handle it for a cut of the action. Accept the setup and dig in cause the rest of the book is the real pulp deal filled with violent hoods, the best casinos in the Reno, knockout femme fatales, and lights, glitter, and action.

And, yeah, after being hit over the head a few too many times, Mark Steele finally opens his eyes and sees how he’s been played, tied, giftwrapped, and he ain’t having none of it as the noose slowly tightens around him.

The evil twin stuff seems goofy at first but it eventually all makes sense.

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