Trigger Mortis

The Nick Carter & Carter Brown Blog: Trigger Mortis by Frank Kane

Frank Kane was a news columnist. He wrote stories for numerous publications and wrote screenplays. But, most of all, he wrote stories about a PI named Johnny Lidell. In all, he published at least 29 Lidell
novels and hundreds of short stories. Liddell is a tough, no-nonsense PI whose first inclination is to ask questions with his fists. He has a one man office in NYC with a redheaded secretary who tries to type
without ruining her nails but has a witty sense of humor.

Trigger Mortis is a 1958 novel, recently republished by prologue books. The book begins with an awesome description of Johnny lounging by a pool and being approached by Celeste Pierce in what was barely even a bikini with her assets fully displayed. Celeste was the hottest movie
star and her bust was featured in every magazine for the past six months. She needs Johnny’s help. She’s being blackmailed over some photos taken long before she became a star. Johnny reluctantly agrees to help, although he admits he’s better at beating up blackmailers than delivering ransom. Before he can do much, Celeste appears at his office with her face all pale and in a
complete panic. She plugged the blackmailer full of lead and desperately needs Johnny’s help.

The novel is well written. It is quick reading. And it’s nonstop action.
Kane doesn’t waste time on fancy descriptions except when it comes to

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