Quarry’s Climax

Quarry's Climax by Max Allan Collins 9781785651809 | for sale online | eBay

Quarry’s Back

Quarry’s Climax is the latest book in Collins’ Quarry series and has the same ingredients the other books in this series have boasted. It’s sharp, witty, sexy (as indicated by the title), and a whole lotta fun to read. Just as in other Quarry novels, familiar motifs appear such as swimming pools, strip clubs, bouncers, a trip back through the sleazy Seventies, a dry sardonic wit.

Quarry is Collins’ midwestern contract killer who learned how to kill in the jungles of Vietnam only to come back home one day early and find his young wife entertaining. Kicking a jack out from under a car took care of the other guy, but left Quarry despondent and depressed until a man known only as the Broker put Quarry’s skills to use. The Broker is a middleman and sends out teams of two to fulfill the contracts, often in the Midwest.

What makes this series work do well is that the stories are short and snappy, not 800-page magnum opuses. And, there’s no attempt to have Quarry save the world. Each book is a little chapter in Quarry’s career and are all about fun, nostalgic with Seventies era muscle cars and Southern rock, filled with neon-lit strip clubs and retired beauty queens, and A. No-nonsense unsentimental attitude about getting the job done.

This particular story has a twist where Quarry is not hired to do a killing -but to prevent one- and has Quarry protecting a thinly-disguised Larry Flynt type pornographer from a rival team

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